HeART in science callĀ 


Art is a unique piece of creation that triggers the mind for deeper thinking and understanding of life.
In science, we often create spectacular images, either by microscopy or just a photograph that have a clear scientific purpose but have esthetic value too!
We now give you the opportunity to turn those wonderful images into art!!
We welcome every scientist who feels connected to Cardiovascular Research to submit their most elegant and profound image as part of an Art collection.
Please title your image and let us know what went through your mind when viewing your piece of science art!!


All images will be displayed throughout the day during the Rembrandt Symposium in November.
From all submissions, three images will be nominated for our special prize.
The first prize winner will receive a full framed reprint of their image, publication of the image on the RICS, Amsterdam UMC and LUMC websites, and together with the other two nominated winners a display in our new HeArt in Science Gallery all year round!More information on the gallery will be presented on the day of the conference.

Submission not yet opened